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traitor, with Salakaya, the lieutenant of that sinner, Snrafiga-
raja-Ramaraja acquired great fame in Yidyanagai'a as the
establisher of the sovereignty of Sadasiva. (2)

, 14-4-6, ?.

Ramaraju-Timrna maintained his title of Dharani-varaha
by restoring its former stability to the trembling earth which
was caught in the ocean of destruction, that is, the evil-deeds
of the monster, Salakaya-Timma.

Ibid, p, 110.

162.   ALIYA RlyARAJA.

Ramappa, the son-in-law of the emperor Krsnaraya of
Indra-like splendour, a bee at the lotus feet of Lord Visnu,
and a Brahma in intelligence deserves to enjoy the luxury of
adorning the tresses of the ladies, viz., the quarters with the
flowers of glory blossomed on the creeper of his sword which is
watered by the waves of the stream of blood flowing from the
interior of the throats of his enemies. (1)

Who, in this world, is the peer of Ramappa who has
satisfied the flame of his sword with libations of blood from the
neck of king Salakarajti Cina Titnma ? and whose cupid-like
body is surrounded by haloes of beauty and whose troops
protect the prosperity of Karnata ? (2

: 32-3.

Some days passed in this manner ; then Aliya Ramappa
attempted to rule in Vijayanagara ; but Salakam Timmayya
who was in charge of the treasury, having gathered troops
planned to kill him so that he might not seize the power.
Ramappayya having got scent of it fled to Pemmasani Rlma-
linga Nayadu? the son of Timma Bfaya^n, for protection ; and
with the assistance of Hande Hanumappa HayaJH. and otfoerg,
he advanced upon (Vijayanagara), and encountered the troops
of Salakani Timmayya and Ws allies, the Niaam Shah, and